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Enter the performance dancers...Via modern, tap, ballet, interpretive dance...Knee injury and all the the heart break must be expressed... 
I've been listening to Björk 's new electrifying heart break album, "Vulnicura"All week since the  released date was moved almost two months early. Us Björk fans are impatience...
Though the first three songs are pre-break up with artist Matthew Barney as noted on the digital art booklet, that gives a rough timeline of the break up/ album.

The first single is "Stonemilker" which a very strong start to capturing the energy and statement of the album. The violins and the bass create a beautiful melodrama music along with her almost tearful and trembling voice as she sings " A juxtapositioning fate... Find our mutual coordinate...Moments of clarity are so rare I better document this.... 
As she continues to sing into the chorus with "... Emotional Respect..."

Oh Björk this is your most emotional album to date. I declare...in detailed catalog view her lyrics, there has always been drama of emotions but not like this. Bravo.
  I always listen to the lyrics of songs which can ruin a many of popular songs... I'm like what... damn the beats...the guitar riffs were so good but the lyrics are straight up trash. 
Thank you Björk for truly being a poet artist and more. #ICON
I can always count on you to deliver raw beauty in whatever forms in comes in...
 Emotional Respect.

My favorite tracks are "Stonemilker," "Black Lake" and "Atom Dance" it's the performance artist in me. These songs make me want create melodrama on the dance floor.
"Black Lake" is the fourth song in the album and its 2 months after the break up...and ten minutes of roller coaster of beats and emotions.
I can't wait until she performs this masterpiece.
I've always believed in finding beauty in pain as well in joy.


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