Adventures on Easter Sunday...

As an artist the art museum is like going to church so what better day than this lovely Easter Sunday.
Brunch...and then  a lovely trip to my favorite museum Moca (The Museum of Contemporary Art.)
The current exhibition is of there permanent collection, there are over 500 pieces of art from over 200 artists collected over the last 30 years.
When I first went to Moca's 30th birthday party back in January,  it was so crowded  I wasn't able to take pictures plus my camera died. I was so sad. I got to play more this time.

Pleated slip dress is from Liberty for Target. I found it in the lingerie section but the prints are so pretty I could not resist on wearing it during the day.... My favorite H& M Sculptural shrug, Steven shoes, shocks  are unknown, green woven plastic bags "Bow" clutch is from Urban.

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Neekoh said...

These pictures are lovely! And the dress you got... I never imagined it looking so good :)

Live Love LA

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