A Spanish and English singer, songwriter, dancer, designer and overall performance artist from Downtown Los Angeles, Ca.
As a first generation creature from Central American parents, Latin music was a major influence as well as her love for Post-Punk, Glam Rock, and Musicals.
Artistically trained in San Francisco, she obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts from California College of the Arts.
In 2006 she decided to move back to her home town of Los Angeles to continue a her career as a designer and to pursue a performance/singing career.
In 2007 she teamed up with friend and musician Randall Baxter and form the band "XYXX," which consisted of live electronics, bass and vocals. Influenced by the sounds of Soft Cell, Joy Division, Kraftwerk and Funk, XYXX played many underground clubs all around L.A. and Hollywood.
 In 2008 XYXX received a residency with Can of Jams  productions-The Derby in Los Feliz,where they performed and booked other acts every couple months.
In summer of 2009, Yahaira join forces with Central American musician and friend Oscar Santos (aka Sister Mantos) and formed "Y&S" and went on to write and perform the Electro Bilingual Mini Opera "Luz Y Sombra" (Light and Shadow).
Influenced by Latin Cumbia and Salsa, along with Disco, Grunge, and Goth elements, the opera addresses issues of Gender Identity, Love and Loss, while maintaining a danceable soundtrack.
"Luz Y Sombra" debuted in late January 2010 at Highways Performance Art Space in Santa Monica for a 2-night engagement. 
In May 2010, it had a second run at the Forum of The Santa Barbara Contemporary Museum.

Yahaira is also currently working on a solo project, writing and composing music in both Spanish and English.

Highways Performance Art Space-www.highwaysperformance.org

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