Courtney Love...You rock!!

Last night was amazing... Courtney Love brought it!!
She was pretty, sexy. funny, and on key... A couple guitar tone issues but in a comedic timing way.
She wore a pale blue cocktail dress that was made for her for an award ceremony but never wore it . She tolds she  wasting it on us...haha  She later change into a sexy little black dress for the encore.
The set list was had a great mix of the Hole classics such as "Violet", "Malibu", "Miss World", "Celebrity Skin" with a special treat of her new album "Nobody daughter" her single "Skinny Little Bitch" "Pacific Coast highway" a couple  others I will soon get to know well.

The opening band Little Fish was really good. They had great energy and the vocalist /lead guitar player was foxy with a vocal a la mixture of Joan Jett/ Pj Harvey with a really cute British accent. Hot.
The Look: Vintage yellow lace dress, my favorite show going Vintage leather jacket, Target Knee high socks, Irregular Choice  Black and gold stripe pirate boots.
The opening band: Little Fish from Oxford England
which there band name is part of the lyrics of my favorite Hole song "Violet"

I"m waiting for my friend photos ...her camera is way smoother than mine. Through all the smoke...
My friend Heidi and Me... She so cool she pregnant .. and her baby was kicking and rocking out to HOLE...awesome

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