70's Guys in film...

The 70's were a mix bag when it came to fashion... From sexy disco polyester shirts and platform shoes toto ruffle tuxedos, super tight jeans and tee shirts with converse sneakers, tight athelic gear and preppy polos and of course leather and more leather.... The hair was a mix bag as well- long and feathered,  to grease up and perferct, to striaght up big and messy. Conclusion the 70's were HOT!!

The Rebel
Baby Matt Dillion in "Over the Edge"

The Party Animal
A young Kevin Costner in "Fandango"

The High School Guys

The Heart Breaker

The Disco Guy
a Sexy John Travolta in "Saturday Night Fever"

The Metal Rockers
The guys from "Detroit Rock City"

The Dreamer
Patrick Fugit in "Almost Famous"

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