My previous Oscar post of, "what I would wear"... I selected more Spring Delight Story; 3D floral texture ombre from Dior, Valentino red icing detail, and Elie Saab nude with pale blue beading and lace. Delicious dresses good enough to eat, like french pastries. :)
To my surprise I ended up enjoying the sexy metallics choices more this year. As expected everyone kept it safe... was Bjork not invited!! lol
Naomi Watt's dress is just perfect, it's sadden me she did not take home the Oscar  wearing this dress...I was disapointed with what the actual winners wore. With the expection of Daniel Day Lewis who won the Oscar for Best Actor for his portrayal of Lincoln. :)
As usual there was a sea of princess like ball gowns which can be very chic at times...  Alas I was not interested is classic fairy tale safe. Metallic was more interesting this year, to be the actual Oscar statue it's self. There were a lot more beautiful looks but these three are my favorite out of the metallic trend on the ladies side.

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