The season changed officially last week, springs colors dove into cotton candy pastels for Easter...with clean minimal white as it's bff. White is the new black!! This last fall was a lot more colorful than in the past seasons of 50 shades of grey... hooray!! Cheers to color!!  
As a stylist, I am always sooooo surprise how lots of people are afraid to wear certain colors or even color at all.  Color is so powerful it can change your mood to happier or melancholy. The key is to find a happy medium.
As you can see from my person style posts,
 I have always been a very colorful character with splashes of black or monochromatic as my neutrals. Hey, I have my moments... I love to shadow dance to Siouxsie and Banshees. To be fair, I've always had a hard time with beige...or lavender on my skin. So can have some empathy with my clients but not too much. Since it's my job to push them off their comfort zone. haha
 It's a colorful world out there. Smile!! 

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