1.  Seeing and Being photographed by Fashion/Street Style Photographer Bill Cunningham of the NewYork Times. Legend. :)
I briefly saw him at the Gareth Pugh show but he still managed to capture me in my orange cape, though the lighting at the show was alien green it did not show the brightness of my cape. Alas a quick shot and off he was... At CDG we met again!! Head to toe in polka dots I was including Alex the Bear my sidekick with his dotted bow tie. 
Snap Snap... I manage to capture a few candids of Mr. Cunningham himself. With better lighting we took each others photos. LOVE.
Hearing his commentary through out the CDG was priceless. I want more!!!
I wish he lived in L.A. I would take him out to somewhere fancy, though he would probably hate that so I would take him to the famous farmers market.
He makes me smile. Thank you.
2. Sitting in front of Grace Coddington... at the Comme des Garçon show and trying not to faint or to running across the platform to give her a big hug was...well hard not to. All my photos of her where shaky. I was too nervous. What loves does to you!! I just love her!! 
As I took endless amounts of candids of the CDG show, I could not stop looking at her sketching throughout the show...Lets just say I'm glad for the many pauses in the runway show to be able to take in all in. :)
 Until next time. We shall formally meet.
3.  Audrey Tautou sighting at Gareth Pugh!!! 
I don't usually geek out when I see a famous actor or celebrity... Being a native of Los Angeles, where endless amounts of celebrities reside in and roam free. There are sightings all the time. Plus I've done my fair share of red carpet/celeb styling...but Audrey is special. Total girl crush for many many years.
I got shaky hands again...hehe
4. I mean being at the Gareth Pugh show and getting to witness his art in person. Such a true statement in his tee "Some people are Gay... Get over It !!" Love.
I love that him and Audrey are friends it makes me love her more!!
5. Dont we look so cute in our prints!! Meeting another print on print lover as myself...
 Mr. Giles Deacon :)
Cheers to the new collection!!

Thank you Paris Fashion Week for keeping me on my toes and the lovely epic memories 
Until Next time.

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