As a music festival veteran... The line up was epic... way better than Coachella's line up this year... I even decided not to attend this year. So I was super stoke for FYF, I even had friends flying in from NYC to rage with. I was excited about the venue...thinking it would be smooth. It's big and pretty and central to lots of neighborhoods...theres even a metro stop. Boy, was I wrong... it was an epic fail at least for day one. 
The Bad
-When will I get in? -
OMG the line... I missed so many bands on Day one. Thinking about it makes me angry. At some point during my stay at the non moving line a guy climb a near by tree to be able to see the band he was missing. His favorite current band. Nice.
-Where are the stages? No more Maps and Set Times info.  FYF created an app... thats great but seriously I don't want to download the app. Hello need to save some phone battery because I will loose my friends when I want to check out a band there not so into. Duh.-
 When I finally made it through the lines into festival I wanted to get familiar with the stages...  alas no maps and set times or any signage to the names of these stages or this way to... I asked several people who were working the event what stage that was and nothing. 
-Sports Arena Full Capacity? -
 Are you kidding me full capacity to shows I already paid for. Again. 
Let Us in!! Hello open up the Balcony!!! 
-The Lawn stage vs. Main stage-
Missed at least 20 mins of each set I wanted to check out. Way to far.
-The Sound and Beer Garden-
Since getting into the festival was easier on Day two,  I was able to finally made it in to the beer garden but the sound from the main stage to the beer garden was terrible. I'm guessing it was too far at least during the day time...it sounded bad. It might have miraculously changed... at sundown but I did not checked.  I'm a find me in the pit kinda girl.
-The Main Stage Pit /Crowd Control and The Strokes-
 It got way to crazy for The Strokes... Breaking a rib for watching a deadpan performance of The Stokes is not my jam. I saw them back in 2002 and they were lifeless then and still are. As if they did not want to be there... does the whole band suffer from stage fright? Everyone loves them... as do I but not live performance. Simply boring live... their audience has more sparkle than the band playing on stage. Who's the real performer I say the audience.  Anyways, I had to crowd surf to be able to breathe properly and to move again. I eventually got out in one piece. I just hope every one made it out safe too. 

The Good 
I got a lot of stressful exercise.
The food stands were very diverse it actually at times felt like a food festival. The little shops were cool and fairly priced... I bought a gorgeous vintage dress and cool earnings.
I needed shopping therapy to survive and try to make the best of this mess.
The restrooms were great, since it's a stadium they had actual restrooms with soap and mirrors. Plus plenty of porta-pottys everywhere just in case which is awesome.
Day Two was beyond better but I still want my money back for Day 1. Definitely thinking twice before spending my time, energy and money at another Fuck Yeah Fest
Day One was a total #FAIL

(Sets I was actually able to see... I missed so many do to bullshit of the events/promoter.
 Sultry Rock n Roll
just sexy... I have never seen them live before and they rocked.
Excited for their new album.
Just Fun.
All the favorites jams with cheeky stage presence.

Dance-able Storytelling
His music is well dance- able storytelling even the beats tell at story.
Drama to get in but amazing performance.

 Simply Magical
(I missed most of the set due to no maps or signage and no one knowing where the main stage was. and the long lines) 

Sad I missed GRIMES :(
(Dude Lawn stage vs Main Stage)

Queens Of Rocking Out. Just WOW!!!

Grunge Cool
The set was just 90's cool I wanted to see TANLINES but it was so good I stay for the whole set. Super entertaining and simply rock'n roll. 

Beautiful, but I would love to see them again in a more intimate stage but it was Magical to play at dusk. Sadly I had to leave early because I wanted to catch Blood Orange.

(was okay... I feel it was just the wrong type of venue... something more intimate perhaps they should have played the arena stage.) 

Smooth... amazing stage presence and dance moves.

Fresh and Fun.

(F21  Crop stripe tube halter, Top Shop flower Shorts and White Converse High-tops)
(All Vintage including the booties)

Until my Next Adventure.

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