Downtown Chic Gypsy...Oh Milly....
 I just love this whole collection. I want everything from this collection, it's grown-up street wear with a delicate feminine touch. Classic Milly silhouette but with amazing color and texture and styling... just won me over. I rarely say I would wear straight up runway look, since I love mixing and playing... plus I'm a stylist but this collection is head to toe styled for me. LoL
Tech Minimal Pop
Opening Ceremony is one of my favorite boutiques to date. I wonder if I would ever design a capsule for them would I get a discount?. #dreamdesignjob #collabsplease
This collection, I am calling tech minimal pop because that's exactly what it is to me... It look like blown up computer parts/ elements with minimal structure silhouettes in bubble gum pink. My favorite piece is the women computer dots rendering print pullover. 
Cyber Pop Punk
The british influence definitely shows... starting with the chelsea combat wellies boots in pop colors.
Plus, british designer Luella Bartley is one of the new creative and design directors for Marc by Marc Jacobs along side fellow brit Katie Hillier. Her beloved line has been missed... by many including yours truly. Was super excited when she started designing for the brand just last year.
Cyber Pop Punk is what I am calling this collection, the latex leggings and the bra tops are powerful statement of cyber punk. Tough Sexy but in pop pastel colors vs. the head to toe scales of blacks usually found in the genre of cyber punk films and comics novels.
Pretty Mod Sportswear
Why can't sports wear be lovely and flirty... Cynthia Rowley captured the two major continuation  tends in my book. 60's Mod and Sportwear Luxe Classic. The shift dresses with athletic touches = a comfortable Spring and Summer 2015 with Cynthia. Cheers to that.
Structor Fantasy
Delpozo has been one of my favorite new lines which it debut last year... Josep Font knows how to capture fantasy in clothing... structured pieces in couture fabrics with dreamy story-book color pallette and motifs. The spring / summer just got prettier.
Pretty In Mod
Just pretty in Mod silhouettes like shift dresses, structured jackets with baroque prints... keeping it very 60's Chelsea babes listening to the Yardbirds. Blue cat eye-shadow... um yes!! and to top it off lovely pearl descent flats. Let's do the modern twist.
Hand Made Structure Luxe
Classic silhouettes with a home knit touch... expect with edgy pieces made out of woven leather.
Can we talk about the fringe... I love fringe maybe it's because I'm latina and love dancing... fringe just dances with you even if your just walking. Fun.

(photos source from NY Mag and Style.com)
Style.com change the over look of viewing the runways collection this season. Thank you.
Though I still source other channels for more coverage since, Style still caters to the masses of brands… leaving a lot of new comers and rebel out of the fashion bubble of style.com. In all fairness they have started adding more and more designers to the coverage circle including MFA programs fashion schools from NYC… but still fall short… the timeline are getting more crazy with shows overlapping each other…. is Style.com…. under-staffed? I wont not be surprised if they are. So my question is import a freelancer fashion writer from LA with fresh eyes… Me.
Over I still love the look off The Cut New York’s magazine… they cover everything New York as except so cheers to you.

I’m excited about London fashion week… even though I have not yet attended a fashion in the ultra cool London. It’s always ends up being my favorite fashion capitals.London can we be best friends.

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Today Fashion become a passion of life and those picture really great and specially your dress so much beautiful. 

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