(photos by mua and Fran├žois- art direction by me)

Central American/ Californian Mermaid 
in Marseille
I brought the warmth to all of France! My experiences with France have been very true to the seasons especially in Paris which can rain and be gloomy more often.
I've never swam in the beautiful Mediterranean sea before to my surprise it's calm and extra salty. The calmness makes the water clear I was able to SEE the little fishes, baby mussels and beautiful coral. Lovely to be able to really swim without getting wiped out and competing with surfers like swimming in the pacific ocean. I love swimming and if you dearly follow my adventures I'm in the water a lot...but I've never felt more like a real mermaid than swimming in this sea.
Mermaid Stories.

(Motel-Retro inspired swimsuit in black)

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