Painter/ Graffiti Artist/ Designer..... and friend of mine.... Malcolm Stuart collaborated in Berhard Willhelm's exhibition by spraying the exhibition leaving only the silhouettes behind.
Artist: Bernhard Willhelm and his muses/models
(This last photo of me being silly with my friend Gabe de Dios, signifies my overall reaction to Berhard Wilhelm 300 art/ fashion exhibition at Moca's Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood.
Just having fun with art and fashion.)

The multimedia exhibition is congested. From an overload of; imagery and video, bold color, the sound of a bell, and even the smell of fresh paint. My sense were alert. The opening got so crowded at a certain point that my other two senses joined the rest of my senses with touch and the taste of wine. My five senses were united.

When Fashion Shows The Danger Then Fashion Is The Danger
The title of the exhibition is still puzzling to me... where is the danger? 
Is the bird the danger... the Japanese kimono / straitjacket tops and dresses or the novelty chilly embellished jacket and spicy color palette clothes, or perhaps the models (oversized artist dummy with glowing heads) with their pacifiers/tongue ring making a can not speak in fashion theme?, maybe dangerous even deadly spice? Or is it the giant S/M blow up dolls and paddles or the dangers of hairspray and body balm... that was carefully displayed on the tables?
Is the danger all of it...trends; the hypes of more and more and new and new....
There are a lot of themes here.
Consumer Dystopia...The evolution of Man is a main theme, from bird to man...man to bird...fashion  as uniform... uniform as fashion...survival? Is Berhard Willhelm making a statement of a fashion consumer will become more of a dystopia in the 22nd century?
Lots of Questions.

For now let's never play it safe...and have Fun.

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