A Lady Gaga Night...

After parties atmosphere is usually weird to me... I think i had to show my I.D and show them my wrist for all the different colored wrist bands on my right wrist  like ten times... I like to walk around and feel the vibe which causes more I.D. and wrist band showings...haha
 The party was for December 22 2009, Lady Gaga concert-  KIIS music station,  The Conga Room  and Forever 21 hosted the party in Downtown L.A. newest real estate venture L.A. Live.
The Vibe was lively everyone seemed to be enjoying them selfs dancing and drinking and networking as some after parties are.
The weather was chilly,  actually it was really windy and the cold air was not good for my aching knee. Alas the show must go on...

The Look- Vintage dolman sleeve with a ruffle tiers skirted, printed dress from Ebay, my knee brace, Gold oxfords by Shoes made by elves, Vintage crop jacket, and my new vintage hat from one on my favorite vintage store here in L.A. "Come to Mamma" <3

P.A.P.-(post after party)
My after party to my Lady Gaga afterparty.... Silverplatters!!!
my friend Blossom from Punkbunny

Oscar Olima a Los Angeles based fashion designer and friend created beauty in just one night...all night do pay off!!  Congratulations Oscar! and cheers to more amazing stage wearing looks.http://olimaatelier.blogspot.com/

Lady Gaga wearing OLIMA ... and singing Lovegame  part of the Monster Ball Tour.
(Bone color pleather Skeleton dress.)

cheers until the next adventure....

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