Who's next....

A new decade...
These photos were the last photos taken of me in the year 2009. I'm really excited for this new year, I read my astrology from Susan Miller every month. http://www.astrologyzone.com/
I met her last year  as a fashion party but I couldn't find the photo to post...
I was excited that Susan Miller wrote that the 29th and 30th are going to be one of my best days this month. Those are the days I will perform "Luz y Sombra" an electro bilingual Opera. http://www.highwaysperformance.org
I have a contralto singing voice...which is not common for singing Operas. This one of the many reason why it's a electro rock'n roll opera catered to my voice... very much thank you.
If your in the L.A. area please join me for two lovely nights.

I love this look because it a Basic mixture of eras...1920's with 60's and splash of the 80's.
I have been listening to the Who more and more lately. Which makes me want to go to the Super Bowl this year...oh so bad. I would love to see them rock out! Pete Townsend I love you!!

Vintage top- Vintage booties- F21 headpiece- basic skinny pant

Outfit Inspiration- The Who and Louise Brooks

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