Bright Young Things...

Bright Young Things... is a film directed by Stephen Fry (2003)
The film is based of the novel "Vile bodies" by Evelyn Waugh first publish in 1930. 
The book was originally called "Bright young things" which means/captures the Bright Young People of the decadent endless parting lifestyle; of London society between World war 1 and World War 2.  
The excess years of 1920's. Evelyn change the title to "Vile Bodies" because he thought the
phrase had become too cliché...I like both titles... but "Bright Young Things" seems to me more memorable.

The costumes, lighting and sets are AMAZING!!! I was hooked by the opening scene in the film. I only wished the author would have describe the clothing more in the novel... Alas the costume, lighting and set designers for the film did a killer job. Here so me of my favorite shots...

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