(photos by mua and Antonin Verrier)

The Fondation Pierre BergĂ© - Yves Saint Laurent will present an exhibition of photographs by Hedi Slimane entitled “Sonic”

Flash Back to Paris Fashion Week in late September...I had a lovely afternoon with Hedi Slimane black and white "Sonic" rock'n roll exhibition. It was a sunny day and since the exhibition was clean of white walls and monochromatic art... I just has to wear the most colorful dress I had. 
Life is a party.
In this series Hedi captures the indie rock'n roll underground scenes of Los Angeles and London as well as iconic souls like Lou Reed which captures the vibes of the past; the originals the will live on to inspired the youth and so on. 
I was not able to take many photos of the exhibition since it was an anti-camera exhibition.  
The first part of the portraits are of the L.A. scene in which I saw a lot of familiar faces. :)
The Second half was London...other stills from the early 2000's back when tragic beauty Amy Winehouse was well alive and a lot and I mean a lot of images of rocker Pete Doherty and his apartment. It was an interesting study.
The last part of the exhibition is a video installation, juxtaposing the musical cycles of London (2003-2007) and California (2007-2014) in a documentary style of alternative portraits of two generations of performers and their fans.

Life is a Party
(vintage silk dress, pink vegan leather motorcycle jacket from Zara, Unif Clear rainbow Shadys and White classic chucks.)

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