(photos by friends and me)
For the love of Dance
Ground Control is a seasonal; summer to early fall underground party. I made to one of the last ones of the season.  The skater style warehouse by the water feel was rad it reminded me of home but by the water added a level of romance. Alas, I can't say the music gave that same feel. It was not nostalgic or inspiring... its was just off... the punk rock style graffiti by the Djs made me want something more punk rock... let's just say"last night the Dj did not save my life"... but I danced away because I love to dance. I was mused by really conservative dressed kids trying to dance to hip hop.  Awkward. Oh Paris. LOL.

Pink Lady
( Zara pink vegan leather motorcycle jacket, Vintage leather mini, Nasty Gal color block shirt dress, and Topshop silver booties.)

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